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Bailiwick Workplace specialises in all aspects of workplace and employment law.  We provide reviews, advice, documents, negotiations and representation to support employers in managing their staff relationships.

Workplace relations law is extremely complex and constantly changing. It is vital to meet current legislative requirements, offer fair and reasonable terms of employment and to know and understand your employer obligations.

Should you experience workplace disputes, we work with you to put together a strategy to resolve issues with the best outcome for your business.

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We Cover All Areas of Workplace Law:

Our expert and experienced lawyers handle all matters relating to the employment relationship, from reviewing and drafting documents & policies to resolving disputes and unfair dismissal cases. No matter what the issue, we will work to ensure you & your business is protected. 


Contracts, Policies and Procedures


Employment Queries (NES, Awards, Contractual Issues, Restraints etc.)


Contracts, Policies, Procedures, Court/Commission Documents


Investigate, Negotiate and Litigate Cases