As an Employer do you know your legal obligations for documents and records?
January 18, 2019

At Bailiwick Legal we are constantly surprised at the gaps in documentation that our clients just didn’t know they had […]

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Foreign Buyers Duty – add 7%
January 9, 2019

As at 1 January 2019, foreign transfer duty and foreign landholder duty came into effect through the Duties Act 2008. […]

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Extension of Family & Domestic Violence Leave Entitlements
December 13, 2018

Family and domestic violence is a well-recognised problem in Australia, with a reported 1 in 6 women, aged 15 or […]

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Investing in machinery: fit for purpose ?
November 21, 2018

A large investment for any business is the purchase of machinery and equipment.  With more sophisticated technology available every year, […]

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Bailiwick Legal November 2018 Newsletter
November 20, 2018

Check out Bailiwick Legal’s November newsletter. Articles in this newsletter include legal considerations about easements and the latest in changes […]

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Easements – recent issues
November 20, 2018

Access over an easement on someone else’s land often seems innocuous enough, however we have recently assisted a few clients […]

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Employers ! – Do recent changes to employee entitlements affect you?
November 15, 2018

In the second half of 2018 we have seen a number of changes to the national industrial relations system, including […]

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Have you considered Capital Gains Tax when granting Easements?
November 14, 2018

On 31 October 2018, the Australian Taxation Office (“ATO”) finalised Tax Determination 2018/15 (“Determination”). The Determination considered whether or not a Capital […]

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Nifnex Festival of Business Learning
November 7, 2018

Come & join Bailiwick Legal – presenting at the Nifnex Festival of Business Learning. 40 workshops of business essential topics […]

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Bailiwick Legal Sept 2018 Newsletter
October 4, 2018

Read all about our activities and catch up on our latest articles : My Tourism Business – what are […]

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