Covid 19 announcement

The impact of the new corona virus is unprecedented and as a society we are coming to realise the implications it’s going to continue to have on businesses and communities. Here at Bailiwick Legal we have been briefing our team on good hygiene habits within our office, keeping them up to date with latest Government guidelines on isolating ourselves where we may be at risk of passing on the virus and ensuring we protect as best we can the people around us.

Most legal issues however do not have any flexibility to postpone, reschedule or wait until things improve.  At Bailiwick Legal it will be work as usual protecting and representing our clients.  To ensure that we are able to keep working for you we have made the pre-emptive call to move to electronic platforms only and place extreme restrictions on face to face meetings.  We will continue to be available via email and phone.  We have the ability to meet via Skype, Whatsapp or facetime, so please don’t hesitate to contact us via one of these platforms.

There is no doubt businesses are being impacted by the virus, both the uncertainty it is creating in our community and the impact on our economy. Some businesses – tourism and hospitality immediately come to mind, are already feeling the effects and we’re sure this will filter through to most businesses over the next few months. Here at Bailiwick Legal, we are pro-actively looking at what we can advise clients do to minimize the impact on their business.

Have you considered what you need to know, do and implement to minimise harm to your business? Do you know your obligations in terms of paid leave, business closure etc.  If you would like to trouble shoot some scenarios or simply use us as a sounding board for how it might impact your business, then please don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat. We’re always available to help where we can.

The Federal Government recently announced a range of stimulus initiatives to minimize the economic impact of the virus  :

At Bailiwick Legal we work with you, for you, so even if you have to self-isolate don’t feel isolated as we are here working to get our clients through this difficult time.Bailiwick Legal Advert banner

Stay safe.

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