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Our estate lawyers specialise in Wills, Estate Planning and Succession matters to to provide you and your loved ones with protection and certainty for the future.

Bailiwick Estates is a specialty business unit operating under the Bailiwick Legal umbrella . Our estate lawyers work with clients to help protect their assets, advise on Wills and estate planning, and protect beneficiary rights and inheritances.  Our Estate and Succession lawyers assist clients with:

Our Wills and Estate Team regularly assist clients with Probate applications, applications for Letters of Administration, drafting or amending Wills and Attorney documents, obligations as an Executor as well as Litigation should there be a dispute over inheritance or Beneficiary rights.

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Many people avoid making a Will because they think they will live to a ripe old age and have plenty of time, don’t want to think about dying or they don’t feel they have anything worth leaving. Even worse – sometimes they just don’t bother as they assume things will automatically go to their chosen loved ones – Wrong!

Making a Will is not about you! -it is the best thing you can do to make your passing less stressful and distressing on your family. Our e-Book  will  guide you step by step through the process.