Family Farm Transfers – Return of the Exemption

Amendments to the Duties Act 2008 to assist with family farm transfers

Bailiwick Legal regularly advises farmers on farm transfers and the exemptions that have been available.  As we noted in January 2019, under the Duties Act, an exemption of duty was not available where the transferor of the land continued to be involved in the business farming the land after the transfer had taken place.  Amendments to the Duties Act 2008 to assist with family farm transfers

This position has now been amended under changes recently made to the Duties Act 2008.

Revenue Law Amendment Act 2019

On 13 June 2019 the Revenue Law Amendment Act 2019 came into effect, including changes to the family farm transfer exemption provisions under the Duties Act 2008.  The changes are intended to re-establish the flexibilities that were available under the old laws for the generational transferring of farmland.

In the Explanatory Memorandum to the Bill, it is said that the changes will provide for the exemption from duty to apply where:

These changes to the family farm exemption provisions should allow greater flexibility for intergenerational transfers of farmland. This will be a positive outcome for rural businesses and planning for successions.

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