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Bailiwick Legal specialist Estate Lawyers will take care and organise your probate applications to ensure a smooth and error free estate administration process.

It is imperative that the first step of your estate administration process to be correct and accurate. A Grant of Probate is a legal document which is important as a number of financial and professional organisations such as insurance companies might not cooperate with you without it.

Our lawyers will prepare the relevant prescribed forms used in WA and other states to provide flexibility for you. We will advise you on how to begin your Grant of Probate and where to go beyond the first step of this lengthy process.

For more questions regarding Wills and other steps of the Estate process, contact us today or view the FAQs below for a better understanding. We also provide other estate services in Perth, Western Australia which can be viewed on our website.

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Executors will have to obtain these five documents to apply for Grant of Probate:

  • Your ‘Executor’s affidavit’;
  • Summary of the estate including its assets and liabilities;
  • The original Will;
  • Certified copy of the deceased’s full death certificate; and
  • A copy of your ‘Executor’s advertisement’.

Our lawyers at Bailiwick Legal will tailor your documents for your needs to ensure your application is successful as well as making the process significantly less stressful.

Our experienced lawyer will help you:

  • locate, prepare and order the correct and required documents.
  • Create a professional affidavit for you
  • lodge all the necessary files such as your ‘Executor’s advertisement’
  • Certify the deceased’s full death certificate.

Not necessarily, if the estate’s assets have very minimal value or is jointly owned by a surviving owner – you don’t need probate to distribute them.

If there is no Will, you need to apply for a Letter of Administration. Visit our page regarding information of it here.

The process to receive an approved Grant of Probate varies depending on the amounts, complexity and capacity of the estate. 

The reason for this can be because tracking down the estate’s assets and liabilities can take several months which can provide delays. However, in some cases, an application can be approved in a week.

This is an application made by the Executor to the Court to indicate that a Will is valid. This proof of validity will depend on if you, the Executor, satisfies the Supreme Court that:

  • the deceased did not marry or divorce after the Will was made;
  • the Will was signed legally;
  • there were no later wills; and
  • the deceased was at least 18 years of age and was of sound mind.