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You need peace of mind that your assets are protected and family cared for.

Some people avoid making a Will because they feel their situation is too complex.  Many people mistakenly believe their Partner will automatically get everything.  Most people just don’t want to think about dying.  The real reason to make your Will is not for you – it is for those you leave behind.  Leaving a Will makes your passing significantly less stressful and distressing on your loved ones.  It is the most important investment you can make as your last gift to your family.

We work with clients to help protect their assets, advise on Wills and estate planning, and protect beneficiary rights and inheritances.  Our Wills and Estates Team regularly assists clients with:

  • Wills & codicils
  • Powers of attorney and guardianship
  • Advanced Health Directives
  • Reviews of Family Trust Deeds and Superannuation Trust Deeds
  • Probate applications
  • Claims for Insurance and Superannuation payouts
  • Letters of Administration applications (no Will)
  • Contesting Wills & inheritance – Estate Litigation

Estate Litigation

The passing of a family member or friend is always a difficult time and it can be made worse if the validity of the Will is in question, the interpretation of the Will is unclear or someone feels unfairly treated.Will Lawyer, Estate lawyer, beneficiaries, challenge a will, inheritance, intestate

We help in disputes concerning the validity of Wills, administration of estates and claims for further provision from an estate for:

  • Executors,
  • Administrators,
  • Beneficiaries and
  • Other claimants

We provide verbal and written advice, undertake settlement negotiations and represent clients in Court where negotiations have been unsuccessful.Will Lawyer, Estate lawyer, beneficiaries, challenge a will, inheritance, intestate

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