Letters of Administration

Bailiwick Legal will handle your application for a Letter of Administration to ensure the procedure is handled correctly.

Letters of Administration is a very important document needed when a person passes away without a Will. A term used for passing away without a Will is ‘intestate’. 

Our lawyers will prepare and complete the process needed to receive the Letters of Administration from the Court so you can distribute the assets of the intestate in a relatively stress-free manner.

For more questions regarding Letters of Administration, contact us today or view the FAQs below for a better understanding. We also provide services for drafting and administering wills in Perth, Western Australia. For more information regarding Wills on our website click here.

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Usually, the person who would inherit the most as a beneficiary needs to apply to be the official administrator – this person is usually the closes relative to the person who passed away.

Examples of people who usually receives a Letter of Administration includes:

  • The husband/wife;
  • One or more children;
  • Other next of kin if there are no children; and 
  • Any other person the Court think is fit.

Your application must be ready to file within six months of the person’s date of death to avoid having to file additional paper work (affidavit of delay) which will occur more costs dealt to you. It is important to start your process as soon as possible.

By contacting our Lawyers, we will ensure these five steps are run smoothly and we will assist you in finishing your application as quick as possible:

  1. Locate documents needed for your application.
    1. This will include the original Will (if there is one)
    2. The people who are entitled to a part of the estate
    3. The original death certificate.
  2. Publish a notice on the state’s Registry website.
    1. This notice will indicate you will file an application and it will take 14 days.
  3. Fill in several forms:
    1. Summons for Administration
    2. Inventory of Property
    3. Grant of Administration
    4. Affidavit of Applicant for Administration.
    5. Other relevant forms depending on your situation.
  4. Get written consent from anyone else entitled to part of the estate.
  5. File application with the Court.

Having a lawyer when filing for a Letter of Administration will provide great peace of mind and a higher chance of having a successful Court application.

Our lawyers at Bailiwick Legal will:

  • Complete all the tricky paperwork and draft this all up for you.
  • Being your official witness when signing paperwork.
  • Ensuring a smooth process of lodging the application with the Court and ensuring they are satisfied with no mistakes.
  • Protect you from future claims by any of the estate’s creditors by publishing your application publicly.