Mining & Access Law

Our mining and access lawyers will resolve your legal interests in mining law. As energy and resources exploration becomes increasingly affected by global economics and politics, navigating the legal interests surrounding it becomes more difficult.

Our mining lawyers and solicitors at Bailiwick Legal have an extensive background in advising on mining tenements and leases, negotiating compensation and protecting your long term interests beyond the life of the tenement. With over 25 years of legal experience, our lawyers are reliable and professional in the field of mining law and access law. 

Bailiwick Legal provides these legal services:

  • Drafting and reviewing access agreements with mining and oil and gas companies
  • Drafting and reviewing compensation agreements with mining and oil and gas companies
  • Dispute resolution on Contract compliance and completions
  • Litigation

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Philip Brunner Specialist Lawyer

Philip Brunner

Bailiwick Legal Director

Kim Jones Solicitor Bailiwick Legal

Kimberly Jones

Bailiwick Legal Solicitor

Danielle Williams, Solicitor Bailiwick Legal

Danielle Williams

Bailiwick Legal Solicitor