Recent changes to the Hospitality Award

Recent changes to the Hospitality Award

The Fair Work Commission (Commission) has introduced several changes in the Hospitality Award, which will apply from the first full pay period on or after 23 January 2020.

What’s new ?

Accrued days off :

The award now includes a definition for an accrued day off (ADO). The new definition is to help understand the difference between an ADO and a rostered day off (RDO), which the award defines as any 24-hour period between rostered shifts.

ADOs are paid days off, which accumulate by working extra hours.

Full-time employees can accumulate an ADO over a 4-week roster period, if the employer agrees to it. There are rules about how and when an employee can take an ADO.

Alternative public holiday arrangements

If employees are owed a day off for working on a public holiday, they can now agree to take it up to 6 months later. Previously they had to take it within 28 days.

Competency-based progression for apprentices

In most cases, apprentices can now move up a level based on skills they’ve acquired against their training plan.

Tools allowance for apprentices

Apprentice cooks will now be entitled to a tool allowance. They’re entitled to the full allowance which has been increased.

Other changes

The determination also made minor changes, including to the following:

The role of taking reservations, and greeting and seating guests has also moved from the classification definition for a food and beverage attendant grade 3 to a grade 2.

The Hospitality Award has been updated to include all these changes.

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