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Bailiwick Legal is a trusted and highly respected legal team with over 40 years of legal experience, helping people with commercial, contract and transactional Law. 

Our lawyers provide legal advice based on good common sense, strategy and logic, keeping in mind practical realities, costs and the Law.  Our goal is to work with you to resolve, avoid or settle your legal disputes with the best outcome for you.

We can offer alternative fee structures such as upfront, end of matter or payment plans for our legal services.

Our team of lawyers provides expert and efficient advice for a wide range of legal issues. Click on one of our services below to find out more regarding the legal service:

At Bailiwick Legal our advice is based on common sense, business experience, smart strategy & reality.  We have experienced workplace relations and business divisions that work closely with our commercial team to address the full suite of Business needs.  You achieve the best possible outcomes because we deliver carefully considered and effective legal solution that work for you.

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The law is our Bailiwick, whats’ yours ?


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