The Working Holiday Maker (WHM) visa helping our farmers and regional tourism

The Government has announced a new campaign to attract more working holiday makers to Australia, helping to support our farmers and boost regional tourism.

Farmers and Tourism operators in regional and rural areas around Australia are receiving more support to resolve labour shortages with changes to two visa programs introduced late last year, in conjunction with the new promotional campaign being broadcast across the UK, France & Germany.

Working Holiday Maker Visa

The Working Holiday Maker (WHM) visa program is designed to target genuine workforce shortages in regional Australia without displacing Australian workers. The visa benefits both the agricultural and tourism industries as these holiday makers are critical in filling short-term seasonal workforce shortages in regional areas, as well as spend their income on local tourism.

The enhancements include expanding the regional areas where working holiday makers can work, increasing the time period they can stay with an employer and adding the option of a third-year.

The Australia Inc. marketing campaign is a new campaign designed to attract more working holiday makers to help to support our farmers and boost regional tourism. The campaign will run in Europe targeting young people considering overseas travel with temporary work.

Seasonal Worker Program

Changes have also been made to the Seasonal Worker Program, making it easier for farmers & tourism operators to access workers for a longer period with less administration costs. For more information visit

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